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Who you are:

You're having a difficult time in a relationship right now. A certain person, pattern, or situation is the source of some sort of conflict, confusion, pain, or disappointment in your life. Discomfort you just can't ignore. It could be with a romantic partner, family member, friend, or even a coworker. Perhaps you've talked to close friends or family to try to get yourself unstuck, but none of their advice really did the trick.

You're looking for relief.

Here are some of the relationship areas we can work on together:

- Speak up for yourself
- Get comfortable being vulnerable
- Feel prepared for difficult conversations
- Pinpoint where convos are breaking down
- Decipher mixed signals

- Cut through confusion
- Trust your intuition
- Gain insight
- Develop disernment
- Understand what's going on & who's contributing what
- Feel like you have the information you need to take the next step

- Understand why you feel the way you do
- Manage emotional intensity
- Process your emotions
- Use feelings as clues for personal growth
- Reconnect with yourself

- Understand the pattern(s)
- Disarm yourself
- Break the cycle of attack and defend
- Find true resolution and compromise
- Restore the faith

- Learn where power comes from in relationships
- Identify power imbalances
- Center your agency
- Surface empowered choices
- Take your power back

- Know your worth
- Be clear about your needs
- Give other people a choice
- Release the guilt
- Stand your ground
- Find peace

- Clarify your intention
- Make a good impression
- Build confidence
- Avoid burnout
- Ditch the cynicism
- Find the partner you're looking for

- Process the hurt
- Ditch the false narratives
- Honor the love
- Repair your self-esteem
- Renew your hopes and dreams
- Find true alignment

- Feel comfortable in your own skin
- See yourself well
- Build self-esteem
- Know your worth
- Love yourself in practice
- Be who you really are

- Grieve the loss
- Cry it out
- Feel it all the way through
- Let them go
- Heal the wound
- Regain your balance

- Learn how to relate to the difficult people in your life in a new way
- Know the warning signs of true toxicity
- Protect yourself from abuse
- Regain control of your life

- Embrace vulnerability
- Connect with the people you care about
- Deepen your faith in people
- Rebuild trust after betrayal
- Learn the best defense against untrustworthiness

Are you ready to transform your relationships?


My coaching style:

I approach coaching as a collaboration. I'm here to serve as your guide to happier, healthier, more harmonious relationships. Ones that allow you to be yourself. My goal is to help you feel confident in your ability to navigate whatever challenges you encounter with the other people in your life.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that you ultimately know what's best for you -- what you're comfortable with, what your genuine desires are, what's important to you, what you feel ready for. To that end, I'll never tell you what to do. Instead I'll meet you right where you are and surface as much information, insight, and perspective as I can to the point that the clear, empowered path forward -- your natural choice -- becomes available to you.

In my experience this is a faster route to you feeling at peace about the state of your relationships (and your life) than me just giving you another script to follow...

I'm on your team. The relationships you dream about are just around the corner.

Ready to take the next step? Let's chat.


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